British Army Recruiting Ad Is The Most Pathetic Thing You’ll See This Week

first published on January 31, 2018 by

A new British Army recruiting ad is one of the most pathetic, cringe inducing political correctness campaigns you will lay your eyes on.

The 40 second clip called “Keeping My Faith” is an absolute train wreck of overt political agendas that encourages and emphasizes the main ideal that the military shouldn’t be about: Individualism.

“Hey Squad!!! Halt the combat patrol! Even though we are in the worst danger area imaginable, surrounded on all sides by high ground in a high threat environment… we’re just going to stop right here in the open so Carl can take his *&$#ing boots off (seriously) and pray for the fifth *&$#ing time today. While he is doing so, everyone just face inward stupidly and hope the enemy knows we’ve taken a timeout from the war.”

At least one ranking service member decided the well-being and readiness of the military were more important than bowing to such absurdity. Colonel Richard Kemp likely put his job at stake when he said the new campaign showed that the Army is “being forced down a route of political correctness.” Good on you, Sir.

Thankfully for the US Military, the catastrophic Obama Administration is a thing of the past, but the negative residuals of what almost seemed like a malicious attempt to destroy our fighting force live on. We are still not certain if we’re going to not only allow, but fund, mentally ill soldiers cutting their dicks off.

I will always place the mission first.” That is the very first line in the Warrior’s Ethos, so one should think that it’s important. Getting to wear a silly hat in uniform, growing a beard, getting special break times for prayer, and receiving any other exceptions to the rule while others do not is the exact opposite of placing the mission first. It undermines the entire military machine while breeding contempt among the team and creates a toxic work environment. When you join the military, you are a soldier first, and you need to be able to conform and keep up. The military, under no circumstances, should have to slow down for your special individuality. Now feast your eyes on this abortion of a recruiting commercial by the British Army.


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