BREAKING: Active Shooter Naval Medical Center San Diego

first published on January 26, 2016 by

Early reports confirm that there is an active shooter currently at large inside of building 26, at Naval Medical Center San Diego.

UPDATE (1545 EST): Reports indicate that this situation may have been a false alarm. Police are still searching the premises, but so far have found zero evidence of any shooting.

At 8:03 Tuesday morning police received a notification from military police that there had been shots fired. The location of the shots are believed to be inside of building 26, at Naval Medical Center San Diego.

Building 26 houses offices, and barracks for wounded Marines and Sailors. It is also the location of the hospital gym according to spokesperson Mike Alvarez.

“We’re not taking any chances and are executing procedures we’ve been trained for in this kind of situation,” Alvarez said.

Personnel in the area have been instructed to shelter in place. All non emergency response personnel have been asked to clear the area, and stay away.

Active Shooter 1

This situation is still developing, we will keep this post updated. You can watch an early report of the event below.


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