Brazilian Military Power 2019 – What Role Will They Play In Venezuela?

first published on February 27, 2019 by

What role will the Brazilian military play in the developing situation in Venezuela? The Brazilian government has joined the US and Colombia in recognizing opposition leader, Juan Guaido, as president of Venezuela as embattled Nicolas Maduro clings to power.

brazilian military

While Brazil has not made any statements suggesting they will take an offensive role in Venezuela’s transfer of power, they have attempted to help deliver aid, which has been blocked by the Venezuelan military.

The Brazilian military has also flexed a large force to its shared border to contain violence spilling over into their nation. Recently, pro Guaido activists attacked a Venezuelan border checkpoint and set fire to at least one military vehicle. Venezuelan national guard troops fired tear gas to disperse the riot, and the gas landed inside Brazil.

The following video demonstrates Brazil’s current military capabilities.