Brazen Daylight Raid On Hilltop Outpost Recorded From Multiple Angles

first published on September 1, 2017 by

Kurdish HPG fighters perform a brazen daylight raid on a Turkish military outpost all while recording with two action cameras, a drone, and a camcorder from a distant observation post. The event took place on or around 16 August 2017 at Sirnak, Turkey.


The footage starts off with two different infiltration teams working their way, undetected, up a slope. Eventually various pieces of trash clutter the hillside, indicating that they are drawing near the encampment. Now, within just a few meters, they accidentally alert a sentry, but the time had come to battle anyway.

The Kurdish militants begin raining hand grenades down on to the Turkish soldiers’ positions while exchanging RPG warheads and small arms fire. Unlike most combat videos out of the Middle East, these fighters are noticeably conserving ammunition, as they packed light to conserve strength for the vertical climb to their objective. They expend rifle rounds only when absolutely necessary.

As they continue their assault, they reach a brushed-in enemy machine gun position and a Turkish soldier is laying there, dead from wounds sustained in a grenade blast. The position is also loaded with abandoned Turkish weapons and equipment and the Kurds quickly pilfer through the the spoils, taking more grenades and ammo.

The Turks were caught completely off guard and have no problems abandoning their weapons and posts and fleeing off the opposite end of the hilltop, which can be seen on the drone footage. The HPG militants decide to quit while they’re ahead and not wait around for any Turkish close air support. They gather what weapons, equipment, and intelligence they can and exfiltrate back to their rally point.