How Each Branch Of The Military Will Notify You Of Being Drafted

first published on April 5, 2018 by

Here’s a hilarious take on how each branch of the service would notify you of being drafted should the need arise.


Personally, I know the Army would say, “You’ll get your gear when you get in theater.” I PCS’d to Italy just in time for a 15 month deployment to Afghanistan. They deployed me with zero pieces of gear, including rifle, body armor, or even a helmet.

I got most of my gear in Bagram, but still didn’t get issued a rifle until I was flown out to Orgun-E, and wasn’t given the chance to zero it until I was at Zerok COP. On the way to Zerok we came under the most intense ambush I have been a part of in my entire military career and I had an unzeroed weapon. Luckily, I had a couple dozen 40mm grenades which I put to good use.


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