Brain Fart: Soldier Picks Up Wired IED In Afghanistan

first published on January 2, 2020 by

A butt-puckering video out of Afghanistan shows US troops finding and handling a wired IED while on a dismounted patrol.

wired ied

The video starts with a junior enlisted soldier bitching about having to walk so much, and that’s how we know this footage is authentic. Based on the audio, we can gather that troops closer to the front of the patrol called the device out as a point of interest.

A sergeant approaches the device, brushes it off, and lifts it out of the ground. Suddenly, they sprint in panic as they discover that it is an artillery shell wired up and repurposed as an anti personnel improvised explosive device.

It’s not clear as to why the device wasn’t detonated. Perhaps the patrol scared the trigger man away or it was improperly rigged to detonate. What is clear is that these soldiers are some lucky individuals.