Bradley Slams Building Until F16s Destroy It

first published on January 29, 2016 by

A Bradley suppresses a structure it’s unit was taking fire from. Shortly after an F16 arrives and drops two 500 pound GPS guided bombs on the enemy position.

After insurgents ambush an armored patrol in Iraq, the tables turn. A BFV (Bradley Fighting Vehicle) targets the house and begins immediate suppression of the target. Minutes later an F16 in the area flies over, and drops two, 500 pound GPS guided bombs directly on top of the enemy’s position.

Note: Sound has been redacted from this video in order to maintain operational security.

The Bradley Fighting Vehicle is an Infantry Fighting Vehicle that was designed as a response to the Russian BMP. One of it’s original design features was it’s speed. At the time of it’s design the M1 Abrams still a relatively new concept, and this IFV had to be able to match its speed in order to maintain formations.


The M2 and M3 variant BFV’s come with a pretty standard load-out. It includes a 25mm Chain Gun, an M240C coaxial machine gun, a TOW system for busting tanks, and a variety of different firing ports inside of the vehicle. There is also two four-barreled smoke grenade launchers on the front of the turret, and most now come standard issue with a Bradley Urban Survival Kit.


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