Both Views: RT Reporters Take A Direct Hit In Syria

first published on November 27, 2015 by

Two reporters with RT news catch a TOW missile in Syria, and manage to record the entire event. A few days later, the footage of the TOW shot from the 1st Coastal Division is released.

Two reporters, with RT, near the Turkish-Syrian border were struck by the FSA’s 1st Coastal Division. The reporters were passing through the village of Al-Dagmashliya in the province of Latakia when they were hit.

Here’s the same TOW footage from the FSA perspective.

Three reporters were were injured in the incident. RT’s Roman Kosarev received a concussion and RT Arabic’s Sargon Hadaya took shrapnel in his back and legs. A third reporter from the agency TASS was also injured when shrapnel hit his hand. The reporters were removed from the battlefield, and taken back to Russia’s military base in Latakia to be treated.

This situation seems like an issue of poor target identification. The FSA fighters with the 1st Coastal Division who fired the missile believed they were shooting at SAA forces. Instead they hit the reporters, who were working in the same area as the SAA.

Rebel TOW 2

All of this falls back on the FSA’s poor use of TOW missiles. They have been shooting these things like they were AK-47’s since the moment they got them, firing literally at any target of opportunity they see.


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