IDF Hits Hezbollah With Booby Trap in Tunnel System

first published on December 4, 2017 by

The Israeli Defense Force recently released footage recorded on a booby trapped camera system inside of a Hezbollah infiltration tunnel from Lebanon.

Booby Trap Tunnel

The Israeli Defense Force just released footage taken from the inside of a Hezbollah infiltration tunnel system that is used to get fighters from Lebanon to Israel. The footage shows two Hezbollah fighters attempting to infiltrate into Israel. The fighters come across a booby trapped camera system, and are quickly startled and scared back by what appears to be some sort of flash-bang device.

No further information was released about the specific incident by the IDF, and Hezbollah has also been silent across their multitude of social media accounts.

Judging from the proximity of the Hezbollah fighter’s face to the device, there is a chance that he may have received burns when the device detonated.


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