Bombing Montage: Syrian City Endures Week of Hell

first published on June 13, 2016 by

All of these clips were recorded in Darayya, Syria in the first half of June 2016. Just as the UN delivered Darayya’s first food aid since 2012, the city came under intense bombing and rocket attacks by Assad’s government troops, which has prevented the much-needed aid from being distributed to the people.


Assad has a personal vendetta against the Damascus suburb of Darayya, as the city’s residents were among the first to break out in protest against the Syrian president on the heels of the Arab Spring. Since 2012, the town has been blockaded by government forces, and has seen some of the worst bombardment of the entire war.

Recently the UN had delivered enough food for 4,000 people to last a month, but again, the renewed bombing campaign has hindered the delivery of the aid.


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