Bomb Truck Gets In Too Close To Defenders And Explodes

first published on November 24, 2017 by

Footage appearing to be taken from the fight against ISIS in northern Iraq shows Shia fighters of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces unleash all available firepower at a quickly approaching Islamic State suicide bomb truck.

The defenders are not known for their accuracy, and undoubtedly most of their bullets, rockets, and tank rounds land harmlessly in the desert. The Shia defenders abandon their tank and fighting positions as the SVBIED penetrates their perimeter. It explodes into a massive fireball, sending dirt and debris at the cameraman as he dives for cover.

Iraqi Forces just launched their final operation to totally clear the country from Islamic State control. The remaining ISIS-held ground is made up mostly of sparsely populated desert towns to the west of Mosul. The Islamic State will likely not be able to resupply these stranded forces as the Russian-led Syrian forces have declared victory in the vicinity of Abu Kamal on the Iraq-Syria border.