Top Al-Qaeda Bomb Maker Killed in Yemen by U.S. Drone Strike

first published on August 19, 2018 by

Yemeni officials and a local tribal leader have confirmed the death of Ibrahim al-Asiri. Asiri was the top bomb maker affiliated with the Al-Qaeda terror organization.

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According to an anonymous Yemeni spokesperson, and local tribal leaders from the eastern Yemeni governorate of Marib, top Al-Qaeda bomb maker Ibrahim al-Asiri has been killed by an American drone strike. Asiri is responsible for the attempted 2009 Christmas Day attack to bring down an airliner over the Michigan city of Detroit using a group of chemical compounds set to explode in the underpants of a suicide bomber. Had that bombing attempt been successful, some 290 people aboard the plane would have been killed in the subsequent crash of the aircraft, with numerous others being killed when the plane came burning to the ground.

The tribal leader that reported the death of Asiri stated that the man was killed with four of his associates while standing near his vehicle. Al-Qaeda has not commented on the subject through any of their usual platforms, but they have officially launched an investigation into their own cells to determine if any spies are currently feeding information and intelligence back to America or other coalition states capable of conducting such strikes against the group.

Both the spokesperson and the tribal leader who reported the death of Asiri are requesting to remain anonymous on their reports out of fear for their own safety.

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Confirming the death of Asiri is a monumental moment for safety around the world. Asiri’s sole job in the terror organization known as Al-Qaeda was to develop bombs and explosives that were capable of circumventing security measures put into place at airports world-wide in a post 9/11 society. He was at the front-lines in this research for Al-Qaeda, and his particular background in chemistry made him an extremely large threat to public safety everywhere. The individual was a top priority on the terror watch list in the United States going back to as far as 2014, and had a five million dollar reward for information that led to his capture set into place by the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

Department of Defense officials and public affairs groups have yet to upload the footage of the drone strike that killed Asiri. We expect that footage to be released within the next 48 to 72 hours as per the usual schedule for these types of releases. As more information becomes available, we will continue to update this post.


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