Body Armor Test Goes Horribly Wrong

first published on November 8, 2018 by

A test to demonstrate the effectiveness of their body armor goes horribly wrong for a group of pro-Russian separatist troops in eastern Ukraine during the early phases of the war.

body armor

The vest appears to stop a few of the rounds, but the gunman aims too low for one of the shots. The round misses the protective material and enters the Russian proxy’s abdomen.

Suddenly, the fun and games are over, and they quickly load him up in a van to seek medical treatment. They try multiple clinics before finding someone that is capable of treating the wound.

As the video ends, some of the local nurses gift him with cookies bearing frosting designs of separatist logos. A possible visit by now-deceased Commander Motorola may take place as well.

There’s an extremely important lesson to be learned here… Don’t be stupid!!!


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