Body Armor Salesman Stands Behind His Product, Literally

first published on February 28, 2018 by

A Ukrainian body armor manufacturer is so convinced in the protective capabilities of his product that he is willing to wear it while being shot with a rifle.

The new video was recently uploaded by the Ukrainian body armor manufacturing company UARM. The video description indicates that the company’s director is the one taking the challenge somewhere in the woods near Kiev.

The man not only trusts his company’s products with his life, but also the rifleman who has to take the shot. After the round impacts, he removes the plate to show that the bullet was unable to penetrate.

The marketing stunt is surely effective, but the risk is great. Bullets often do unpredictable things. While the ballistic plate may be of the highest quality, the projectile itself may shatter, haw, or separate from its jacket, sending unexpected deadly shards into the arms, neck, or groin… but, hey, it worked. I’m now convinced and just spent ten minutes looking at their products.

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According to the company’s website, they began making armor for Ukrainian forces during the violent Maidan riots and protests. Then, additional requests for armor came as Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine. The company is now in full production, government approved, combat proven, and selling on the international market.

Years ago, we posted a video out of Ukraine in which pro Russian separatist fighters tried conducting a similar test with a pistol and obviously outdated flak armor. It started off with laughs and jokes and ended in a trip to the hospital where the no-longer-laughing rebel had to get a bullet removed from his guts.

WARNING: If you actually need to be told not to try this at home, then you may as well do the human gene pool a favor and give it a shot.


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