BMP Caught Off Guard In Deadly RPG Attack

first published on November 6, 2015 by

A Syrian Regime BMP is caught off guard by an RPG attack from Rebel forces in Jobar, Damascus.

Rebel soldiers lay in an ambush, waiting for Syrian Regime armor to be out of place. This BMP is happy to oblige as it speeds by, with no situational awareness, exposing it’s flank. Rebel forces seize the opportunity to strike and destroy the BMP.

The fighting in Jobar, Damascus has begun to pick up once again. Regime forces recently started shelling the rebel forces in the area. As the fighting moves back into the streets the regime seems unprepared for the level of resistance they are encountering.

Even with the increased support from the Russian Government, it appears as if the fighting has once again started to sway in favor of the rebel forces. According to some popular Twitter groups who have been mapping out the lines in Syria since the start, Rebel forces have regained control of 11 villages north of Hama.

Syrian Lines

As the fighting continues, it will be interesting to see how the Russian/American support on opposite sides of the war continue to effect this civil-war. America uses air-strikes, Russia comes in and uses more. America brings in DA forces, Russia… We shall see.


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