Hero Iraqi Soldier Uses His Humvee To Block ISIS Suicide Bomber

first published on March 9, 2017 by

A lone Iraqi humvee driver spots a suicide bomber barreling towards his position. Instead of retreating to safety, he uses his truck to block the attacker.

In an almost insane act of heroism, an Iraqi soldier makes the conscious decision to sacrifice himself and his humvee in order to save others. As he spots the ISIS suicide bomber barreling towards his position, he uses him humvee and something else in the road as a road block. This action forces the suicide bomber to slam on the breaks and spin out of control before detonation.

The Iraqi soldier inside of the vehicle is a hero. His action, which certainly meant his own death, saved the lives of others that were working with him to defeat the Islamic State. Whoever this individual was deserves a lot of recognition for his actions. He chose to put his own life after his brothers-in-arms, and as a result, they lived on to continue the fight.

Rest in peace warrior. Your sacrifice has been seen.


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