Blackwater of Jihad Resurfaces in Daraa Leaving 80 SAA Troops Dead

first published on July 23, 2017 by

Malhama Tactical, a private contracting group that has been called the Blackwater of Jihad, has resurfaced in Daraa, Syria. According to a member of the group, the video at the bottom of this article is them conducting a raid against the Syrian Arab Army where they estimate they have killed 80 SAA Soldiers.


In a recent Twitter post from a member of Malhama Tactical, a short video was released that shows a raid against a position occupied by members of the Syrian Arab Army in Daraa, Sryia. While the footage is not of the highest quality, it does appear to show the group using a range of different weapon systems in order to quickly advance against the SAA troop’s position. This speed and violence of action is not something that the Syrian Arab Army is accustomed to, and it easily allows the Malhama Tactical led attack to overwhelm their position.

Malhama Tactical has been dubbed the Blackwater of Jihad by popular military journalists, and for good reason. The organization is known for working with extremist factions of the Free Syrian Army such as Jabhat Fateh al-Sham. On their Twitter pages, they advertise a number of tactical courses and services that they provide to any organization that lines up with their ideals, as long as those groups can afford it. It is rumored that the group’s size is somewhere in between 6 and 10 members that are allegedly as well trained and equipped as some Western Special Operations units.

Warning: The video below contains some intense scenes of combat that were taken off of the helmet mounted camera system of a Malhama Tactical fighter. Viewer discretion is advised.


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