Blackwater Founder Erik Prince’s Plan For 5,000 Merc Deployment To Venezuela

first published on April 30, 2019 by

Private security firm Blackwater founder Erik Prince has presented a plan to help overthrow embattled socialist Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro with a force of 5,000 private military contractors, according to Reuters.


According to the reports, Prince has been seeking investments from wealthy exiled Venezuelans and garnering favor with influential figureheads in the US and Europe.

The White House declined to answer if Prince had presented his proposal to President Trump, and a spokesman for opposition leader Juan Guaido denied that any talks between Venezuela’s opposition and Prince have taken place.

While the idea of a private military company overthrowing a nation at the behest of the US government seems extreme, the US military will want to keep the smallest official presence possible to minimize political blowback. That means that private security contractors could easily fill several logistical, training, and security roles in the region to supplement whatever military force we project.

The following Al Jazeera video from March 2019, shows an interview with Prince and discusses his prior involvement with the Iraq War as well as a current plan he has to privatize Afghanistan’s security as an exit strategy for NATO.