ODA Team Employs Mini-gun During Blackwater Bridge Firefight

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In one of the opening gun fights of Operation Phantom Fury, a United States Special Forces team employs a truck mounted mini-gun to suppress insurgent fighters on the enemy side of Blackwater Bridge. While the gunner lays down a steady stream of hate and discontent towards the enemy, United States Marines move into better firing positions in order to eliminate enemy forces with accurate mortar fire. What the extremists don’t know however, is that this is all a big distraction.

Blackwater Bridge

In order to kick off Operation Phantom Fury in Fallujah, during November of 2004, an ODA team with their Iraqi commandos, and a mixed group of regular troops from the United States conducted a large scale diversionary operation to capture two bridges, and draw out insurgent forces. The diversionary operations were ran at Blackwater Bridge, and again later by the same unit at Jurf Kas Sukr Bridge. The diversions consisted of snipers, mortars, artillery, riflemen, and an ODA team who brought the full weight of a mini-gun into the mix to sell the feint. While this large scale operation was underway however, the real attack was staging on the outskirts of the city, and preparing to make their entrance.

While the diversion was underway, two full size Marine Corps Regimental Combat Teams were preparing to attack the city from the northern most edge. RCT-1 and RCT-7 were also aided by Soldiers from the United States Army’s 2nd Battalion, 7th Cavalry Regiment, and Task Force 2nd Battalion, 2nd Infantry Regiment (Mechanized). Behind them, four more battalions of Soldiers from the United States Army were tasked with clearing out buildings that may have been missed by the main element, and ensuring that any insurgent forces who may have survived were not able to flank the main element. Also, the British Army’s 1st Battalion, The Black Watch, patrolled the main highways to the east to ensure that insurgent forces were unable to escape the fighting with those routes.

Blackwater Bridge Thumb 2

Without going too much more in depth about Operation Phantom Fury for a moment, let’s just take a moment to appreciate the video we’re about to see. The screenshot above is taken directly out of the video, and if there is one thing that is certain, the guy out in front of that vehicle looks like he is absolutely ecstatic to see his buddy slaying bodies with the mini-gun. As you’ll hear in the video as well, the sound of that gun going off boosts the morale of all troops within audible range of the weapon system’s whirring barrels. Can you imagine what the enemy is feeling while this thing is chewing on them in between artillery and mortar barrages? Probably not a happy group of extremists.

This is the second half of the video that was posted yesterday. You can watch the ODA team that is present in this video firing the mini-gun, in action clearing the Fallujah General Hospital at this link with their Iraqi Commando counter-parts. This video has a bit of bulk to it, so if you don’t have time to watch everything right now, and you just want to see the part with the mini-gun, you can skip to 14:10 directly, and just watch the part with the mini-gun chewing up insurgents. That part of the video is recorded not only from the perspective of someone watching the mini-gun, but also from the helmet mounted camera system of one of the troops who is directly next to the vehicle he is firing from. The entire video is worth watching though.


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