The US Army Just Bought $40 Million Worth Of Black Hornet Nano Drones

first published on February 8, 2019 by

The US Army has just put in an order for nearly $40 million worth of Black Hornet personal reconnaissance nano drones from FLIR Systems.

black hornet

The Army had bought $2.6 million worth last year and must have deemed them a worthwhile investment to buy significantly more this year.

The Black Hornet kit comes with three 6.5″ unmanned aerial vehicles, a display/control device, and a battery charger. The drones are said to be extremely easy to operate for knuckle-dragging infantrymen and provide a significant boost in combat capabilities at the platoon and company level.

The device has a 1.25 mile range, can fly 13 miles per hour, and a loiter time of ~25 minutes. It has additional navigation and flight features for ease of operation as well.

Footage from modern day battlefields across the world have shown us the usefulness of small drones. No longer will infantry troops have to wait their turn for large, expensive realtime aerial reconnaissance assets to come on station. Additionally, the device can be flown into windows and buildings and under forest canopy, situations that make a high altitude military drone useless.

They can simply pull their small man-portable nano drones from their packs and get get a bird’s-eye-view of their objective while maneuvering on the enemy.