Separatist BLA Fighters Overrun Pakistan Army Outpost

first published on October 11, 2017 by

A video originally uploaded by the BLA documents a successful raid against a Pakistan Army outpost, reportedly taking place on Sept. 18, 2018 near the town of Shahrag, Balochistan.

A spokesperson for the Balochistan Liberation Army claimed that four Pakistani military personnel were killed in the Meshdaari outpost raid and that several other government troops were injured.

No report from the Pakistani government could be found regarding the incident. However, on the day of the attack, Pakistan Today published an article claiming that 265 Baloch militants of the Baloch Republican Party (BRA) surrendered their arms and swore allegiance to the government, which may have been their response.

The following footage was shortened from their original ~16-minute upload, which was heavily edited as well, so keep that in mind while watching. From the footage we can gather that the separatists engaged a hilltop Pakistan Army outpost with small arms and RPGs.

Eventually a BLA fighter infiltrated the perimeter and exchanged small arms fire with Pakistani troops. At some point the troops fled, and the way the video is presented would suggest that government troops were still present when the insurgent systematically fragged each dwelling. The video concludes with a dead body and a pile of looted weapons, ammunition, and equipment.

The BLA has been carrying out attacks against Pakistan military and infrastructure targets for almost 20 years. The ethnic Baloch people claim to have little representation within the nation, and activists are accusing Islamabad of violating human rights, inequality, and spreading Islamic fundamentalism in the province, which, they claim, is responsible for the degradation of the Baloch people’s cultural identity.

The BLA media releases rarely, if ever, contain any religious zealotry and tend to focus on political matters of their intended autonomy or independence.

A key point to take away from this video is the BLA’s recently and significantly improved public relations media presentation. Unlike their older videos, which are low quality and poorly filmed, these newer releases are produced with high quality video equipment and techniques. The footage is further edited with graphic overlays using the English language. Their website is now sleek and modern as well.


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