The Best Ranger Competition: Embracing The Suck

first published on May 3, 2019 by

Coffee Or Die reporter and former US Army Ranger, Marty Skovlund Jr., went down to Georgia and got an inside look at the torturous suckfest that is the Best Ranger Competition.

best ranger

Over 50 two-man teams, composed of Ranger-qualified (tabbed) soldiers from across the Army, competed in a three-day challenge consisting of obstacle courses, ruck marches, unknown distance runs, and combat scenario-based test outs.

The competition isn’t just physically exhausting, it’s also mentally crushing. Soldiers are kept awake through the night on low-light land navigation challenges and their food consumption is purposefully limited. Sleep depravation, starvation, and physical exhaustion combine to weed out all but those worthy to be called the Best Ranger.


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