Belgian Special Operations Team Clear Out Islamic State Tunnel

first published on April 4, 2019 by

Members of a Belgian Special Operations Team clear out an Islamic State Tunnel in Iraq without ever stepping foot inside of it.

Belgian Special 31245

Members of the Belgian Special Mission Unit are recorded in combat against the Islamic State. The footage, which was recorded somewhere inside of Iraq, shows members of the Special Mission Unit conducting combat operations against entrenched Islamic State fighters, as well as battlefield triage on what appears to be a severely wounded Iraqi Soldier. No further information about the scenario in this recording is readily available at this time. We will update the post should that change.

The elite troops of the Belgian Special Mission Unit are selected out of the paracommando units within the Belgian Army, and are expected to have a minimum of three years experience before they can even be considered for the selection process.

The selection process itself is a week long rigorous in-doc course where candidates are evaluated on their physical prowess, map reading skills, shooting techniques, and general military knowledge. If selected at this phase, they continue to a follow on course that is a one-week specialized training program to prepare them for their qualification course. Upon completion of their qualification course, the Soldiers will then attend a formal education program of their choice, and a functional training course for their specific military task within the team.