Belarus Military Straps Propellers On Anti Tank Rocket

first published on June 12, 2018 by

A defense technology firm in Belarus is now making kits to turn single shot, disposable anti tank rockets into unmanned aerial attack vehicles.

The video shows what appears to be a soviet-developed rocket outfitted into a quadcopter that is driven and fired remotely by an operator that will no longer have to expose himself with direct line of sight to the enemy tank or similar target.

The idea seems a little ridiculous, but as we’ve seen in the ongoing fight in the Middle East, quadcopters customized with servos were able to drop anti personnel munitions with relative accuracy. So why not give flight to an anti tank munition as well?

One can only make speculations based on such short video clips, but it would seem that the drone engines would likely be carried with a forward operating combat unit, stowed in a pack. The rocket launchers themselves would be carried and used in conventional format until such a need arose to modify the weapon for flight.

If factors like cost, storage space, setup time, and flight range could be made acceptable, the conversion kit could make ground units more lethal by adding another dimension to their attack plan.

As the video from Belarus ends, another larger unmanned aerial vehicle can be seen and it is fitted with two rocket launchers, making it twice as formidable.


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