New Marine Corps Commercial “Battles Won: Anthem” Is An Epic Throwback

first published on March 28, 2017 by

In an epic throwback to the old recruiting commercials of the United States Marine Corps, “Battles Won: Anthem” is a perfect fit for today.

When I was just sixteen years old, I remember very clearly the moment I knew I would become a member of the United States Marines. I was watching some show on television, and this commercial came on. It featured a 20-something-year-old running through a tunnel of razor blades like his life depended on it.

He sprinted, and jumped through twirling fan blade, and then climbed a rotating tower of doom. At the top, he drew a sword from an anvil and held it high. Then, a lava monster appeared out of nowhere and he defeated it with the sword and morphed into a United States Marine in dress blues. “It is a right of passage, a challenge to join the elite. If you succeed, if you can master your fear, outsmart your enemies, and never yield, even for yourself, you will be changed forever. The few. The proud. The United States Marines.” Those words are still stuck in my head to this day.

In an epic throwback, created by Marine Gunnery Sergeant Justin Kronenberg, the Marine Corps brings back that message of heroism and self worth. They don’t promise any rose gardens, just a serious challenge that only a few will make the conscious decision to undertake. Are you good enough to be a member of the United States Marines?

Video courtesy of the United States Marine Corps and Gunnery Sergeant Justin Kronenberg. It has been labeled as public domain and is free of known copyright restrictions under U.S. copyright law.


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