Battlefield Irony? Knocking Out a TOW with a TOW

first published on February 14, 2018 by

Free Syrian Army (FSA) rebels equipped with a TOW missile system target purported regime troops who are emplacing their own guided missile. The explosive scenario leaving a hint of battlefield irony, as the highly accurate and lethal weapon wreaks havoc on the unsuspecting regime crew.

An observant FSA team equipped with an apparent BMG-71 TOW (tube-launched, Optically-tracked, Wire-guided) missile, spy’s purported regime troops silhouetted on a rooftop. A half dozen or so men casually appear on the roof, completely and unwisely exposed against the backdrop. Several of the soldiers are emplacing their own Anti-Tank Guided Missiles (ATGM), while others idly stand to its rear.

The now dangerously common missile is launched with the tell-tale whoosh, and streaks towards its target with a red glow. The projectile wildly dances about as the gunner continues to guide the weapon at the small gathering of huddled and ignorant troops. The missile sails right through a small gap in the roofs parapet and detonates amongst the unsuspecting soldiers. Engulfing the rooftop briefly in flames, and then in a thick cloud of nearly impenetrable smoke.

The three men standing to the rear survive this precision fire and initially scurry away from the explosion. After the initial shock, and they’ve realized they’re ok, they disappear into the smoke in an apparent search for survivors. Oddly, the ATGM system that was being emplaced looks relatively unscathed by the strike and is clearly visible as the dust settles.

Knocking out a TOW with a TOW certainly sounds a bit ironic, but is knocking out a tank with a tank? Or machine gunner with a machine gun? Ok, so not ironic, more a battlefield coincidence – an explosively awesome one.

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