Battle Tank Absolutely Devastated by FSA TOW in Syria

first published on May 23, 2017 by

A purported regime battle tank is absolutely demolished by a Free Syrian Army (FSA) TOW missile in Hama province of Syria. It almost looks like Russian tanks are designed to burst into flames and cook their crews.

An observant FSA crew equipped with an apparent BMG-71 Tube-launched, Optically-tracked, Wire-guided (TOW) missile system observes and engages a purported regime tank in what remains of rebel held Hama province. The solo rebel gunner assembles the highly accurate weapon behind a small manmade embankment in flat desert terrain.

Initially spotted in a forward position behind a defensive dirt berm along with several other vehicles and infantry, the tank slowly departs the redoubt and appears to be withdrawing from the front. With a dismounted ground-guide to the front of the vehicle, it sluggishly reverses out into the open and easily into the rebel sights.

The FSA gunner wastes no time on such a worthy target, quickly firing the missile and diligently directing it via the wire controls. After the painstakingly long flight time, it impacts the exposed tank and immediately bursts into intense flames.

After the initial smoke and flames engulf the armored vehicle, several secondary flare-ups overtake the billowing smoke and burst into a series of explosions. The flames viciously surge up and out searching for oxygen and likely creating an incendiary coffin for the tank’s remaining crewman.

With the tank burning and the FSA position still unknown to the regime forces, the rebels engage a technical surrounded by infantry and still behind the relative safety of the defensive berm. However, this missile falls just low and detonates on the protective earthwork – missing the regime troops. Realizing the now repetitive danger, the remaining troops begin to evac the position on foot.