Battle Stations: Navy Recruits Complete Final Training Exercise

first published on September 10, 2018 by

U.S. Navy Recruits complete their crucible challenge at the end of U.S. Navy Bootcamp. This is the final stage recruits must complete.

Battle Stations

In an exclusive video from All Hands Magazine, the official Magazine of the United State Navy, service members going through U.S. Naval Boot Camp complete the final crucible challenge required for them to graduate and become Sailors. This final exercise, known in the U.S. Navy as “Battle Stations” is an all night operations completed by the recruits that tests them physically and mentally. Throughout the process, the recruits are evaluated on their ability to operate under stress, work as a team, and complete all of the basic tasks for ship-board procedures that they have been taught throughout recruit training.

The U.S. Navy describes Battle Stations as “Boot camp’s ultimate test. This exercise consists of 12 different scenarios incorporating everything you have learned during the previous weeks. You and your team will be graded on your ability to execute the required tasks. Successful completion nets you the ultimate reward, a U.S. Navy ball cap. This cap tells the world you’re no longer a Recruit, but a full-fledged Navy Sailor.”

If you would like more information about U.S. Navy Bootcamp, you can read an in-depth breakdown of the timeline of Naval Boot Camp by following this link. If you are interested in possibly joining the U.S. Navy, you can contact a recruiter in your area by clicking on this link. If you are here to watch some recruits go through their final crucible before becoming sailors in the U.S. Navy, you can watch the video from All Hands Magazine below.