Battle For Debaltseve: Ukrainian Soldier’s POV

first published on November 18, 2015 by

An excellent video documenting the Battle for Debaltseve, filmed by a Ukrainian frontline soldier. The sarcasm from these bitter, battled hardened vets is on par with or perhaps surpasses that of our own grunts operating on forgotten, undersupplied outposts in the wastelands of Afghanistan.

The Battle for Debaltseve saw some of the nastiest fighting of the entire Ukrainian conflict. Control of the city changed hands between the separatists and the Ukrainian Army a few times during 2014. Then, in January 2015, separatists and Russian Spetsnaz and mechanized infantry units (although denied by Russia) waged a massive assault on Debaltseve to drive the Ukrainian forces out. The intense fighting went on for almost exactly a month. Then, in mid February, amid freezing temps, completely surrounded and nearly out of food and ammo, the Ukrainian troops attempted a massive retreat.


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