Baltic States Special Forces – Lithuania – Latvia – Estonia

first published on October 15, 2019 by

The Baltic States: Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia make Russian President Putin’s mouth water. He wants them badly, and they know it.

baltic states

After Russia’s swift annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula, both NATO and non-NATO eastern European states have identified the threat and are realizing that if Russia wanted to, it could snatch them up before anything could be done to stop it.

Realistically, Ukraine is never getting Crimea back. Putin acted quickly, took what he wanted, and pushed the war elsewhere, diverting the focus from Crimea and locking it in as his own. Russia expertly implemented hybrid warfare by picking at ethnic divisions through online troll brigades.

With enough enough dissent sewn among the people, protests will break, and after mystery snipers shoot a few demonstrators, the protests will quickly turn to riots. At that point, Putin “…will do everything possible to defend the rights and interests (of ethnic Russian minorities)… wherever they live.