Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) Ambush Pakistani Troops

first published on December 8, 2017 by

Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) militants ambush an unarmored Pakistani vehicle. The driver of the truck violates the cardinal rule of counter-ambush reactions…

BLA militants select a prime ambush location on the opposite side of a narrow but lengthy bridge, separated by a deep wadi and emplaced in elevated positions. The entrance to the bridge is naturally narrowed by the desolate but rugged terrain, providing sparse cover to the Pakistani pick-up truck now entering the kill zone.

The unarmored vehicle loaded with troops enters the kill zone and immediately catches machine gun fire from the elevated positions. The troops in the bed of the truck quickly dip down attempting to conceal themselves, as bursts of MG fire spray all around the vehicle. The driver of the truck now violates the cardinal rule of counter-ambush reactions – he stops the truck in the kill zone.

It’s difficult to tell if the vehicle halting was due to driver panic or his possible wounding behind the wheel. It is plausible that the Pakistani driver was hit during the initial engagement by the BLA, wounding or killing him and unintentionally stopping the pick-up. Or he may have panicked under the initial shock and did not want to risk a vehicle roll over on a narrow bridge.

Either way, once the pick-up rolls to a stop, the first bailouts are already bolting across the pavement. Just as they’re bailing, a BLA RPG lands and explodes just a few meters from the truck, appearing to spray one of the Pakistanis with shrapnel. Several more dart away, scattering in multiple directions and appearing weaponless as they desperately search for cover. Unfortunately, two of these soldier’s scramble in the wrong directions and appear to be the only visible deaths during the video.

The BLA keeps up a high, albeit inaccurate volume of fire on the vehicle and the scattered troops. They really miss several opportunities to kill the exposed and beleaguered Pakistani soldiers. They fire another RPG at the truck, which seemingly skips off the pavement and luckily hits the front grill of the pick-up.

Prompted by this explosion, a second group of soldiers who had remained behind the vehicle for cover, opt to vacate the thin-skinned and vulnerable target. They begin to quickly move behind the concrete barrier’s running the length of the bridge and crucially, these guys noticeable have their weapons. By the end of the video return fire can be heard cracking and whizzing overhead of the BLA position, the Pakistani’s desperately trying to break the ambush.


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