ISIS Leader Baghdadi Confirmed Alive In Video Praising Sri Lanka Massacre

first published on April 29, 2019 by

ISIS top leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi made his first appearance in five years during a recent video release in which he praised the Sri Lanka Easter Sunday massacre carried out by Islamists, which left almost 300 people dead and another 500 wounded.


Several rumors of Baghdadi’s death have swirled throughout the years, but this video release has now stifled the uncertainty. He is alive and calling for more terror attacks against civilians.

During the video, Baghdadi acknowledges the defeat of ISIS in Iraq and Syria, but vows to fight on and asks that fellow religious nutjobs continue to do the same.

He claimed that as long as the brothers “have blood in their veins… there will be a battle after this one.”

Unconfirmed sources claim an SDF Kurdish CTG1 and YAT raid had missed Baghdadi by minutes during the battle for Baghouz, and that the ISIS cleric was given advanced notice of the raid by Turkish MIT agents, allowing him to escape… for now.