Badr Brigade Films Themselves Decimating ISIS Fighters

first published on November 3, 2015 by

Warning Some Graphic Content: Badr Brigade makes a decisive victory against ISIS.

The Badr Brigade makes a huge advance on ISIS positions near the Makhoul mountains of Iraq. They decisively win the battle, destroying some ISIS armor, and killing an unknown number of ISIS fighters.

This Shiite militia group has become one of the key elements of turning the tide of battle with ISIS in Iraq. The Badr Brigade entered the fray in February of 2015 as the Iraqi military was failing. They have since helped to secure a strong number of victories against ISIS forces.

Boasting a military strength of about 10,000 Shiite fighters, they have brought armor, anti-air, artillery, and light infantry to the fight in Iraq. Fighting under the banner of a “Popular mobilization force” (PMU), they have been credited with victories in the Diyala province, of Iraq.

Badr Militia

With that said, this PMU group does not come without their dark side. Recent reports indicate that they have been executing Sunni civilians. This double edged sword was a large concern for the Iraqi government as they allowed the Shiite PMU’s to enter the fight against ISIS. It is no secret that Shiite militias such as the Mahdi army, and Badr Brigade have a strong hate towards their Sunni countrymen.


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