How Much Bad Assery Is Too Much? (Freedom Intensifies)

first published on April 21, 2018 by

Hold on to your butts! The levels of bad assery contained in this video should be outlawed.

Youtube’s Military Channel brings us yet another high intensity motivational video filled with beautiful imagery, focusing on the capabilities of the United States Armed Forces.

Army: One of the three military departments reporting directly to the Department of Defense. Comprised of both active and reserve components conducting operational and institutional missions around the world.

Marine Corps: Component of the Department of the Navy. It serves as the country’s expeditionary force in readiness and carries out global missions on both sea and shore.

Navy: Reports directly to the Department of Defense. Provides combat-ready Naval forces for worldwide operations focused on maintaining the freedom of the seas, deterring aggression and achieving victory at war.

Air Force: Reports directly to the Department of Defense. Trains for and maintains global superiority in air, space and cyberspace and is equipped for a rapid worldwide response.

Coast Guard: Safeguards the Nation’s maritime interests through a variety of civil and military responsibilities. Operates across the country’s waterways, in our ports, at sea and around the world.


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