Saudi Troops Caught In Deadly Back To Back IED Blasts

first published on January 28, 2016 by

An IED is detonated against a Saudi truck, destroying it. As more vehicles and troops come to help, they are also devastated by deadly IED attacks.

Rule number one when you’re dealing with IEDs is simple. Where there is one IED, you will find another. If you find another device, you will find another one still. This is a hard lesson these Saudi Troops have to learn in blood.

It’s absolutely impossible to tell how many casualties the Saudi troops are now dealing with. In their rush to assist their friends, they made the fatal mistake of not sweeping for secondary devices. The remaining troops after the third IED seem to have gotten the picture. Unfortunately for the troops still on the X, their buddies are paralyzed and have no idea what to do next.

One thing we’ve learned from the Global War on Terrorism, and counter-IED operations, is that if they put one IED in the ground, chances are extremely high that they put another device right next to it.