B-1 Bomber: Behind The Scenes Of The Anti ISIS Air Campaign

first published on January 25, 2016 by

We just received a fan submission from a member of the Air Force’s 37 EBS (B-1 Bomber) who just completed a deployment to the Middle East in support the fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, as well as the ever-forgotten and still ongoing war in Afghanistan. This is the video he made, and it is probably one of the best I’ve seen regarding Air Force deployments. I’ll be the first jerk to remind you that not all military service and sacrifice is created equal, but I will never forget that our praised frontline warfighters would have a much tougher time on their hands without close air support and the troops that ensure those birds stay armed, ready, and in the air. Thanks for the submission, Shady.

“My name is “Shady” and I’m an aviator on the B-1 with the 37th Bomb Squadron, the Tigers. We just returned from deployment early this morning from Al Udeid, Qatar. I made a deployment video to commemorate our experience and some of the history we made. We dropped a record breaking 5038 bombs in a 6 month period (we prefer to say we dropped 5037+1) in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. Not many people are aware of the capabilities of the B-1 and just how efficient we are at what we do. We’ve certainly dropped the majority of bombs in country providing countless hours overhead, killing thousands of ISIS terrorist and destroying even more fighting positions, buildings, equipment, and more. We have a rich history in the Tigers that spans back to the Dolittle Raiders and are very proud of our heritage. My hope in this video was to convey deployment life for many of the aviators, maintainers, weapons loaders, and other critical components of our team. I wanted to display the amount of teamwork and effort it takes on so many airman’s part to accomplish the fight we bring to ISIS. ~Shady”


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