Automatic Grenade Launcher Only Succeeds In Wasting Ammo

first published on January 13, 2016 by

A Syrian rebel heavy machine gun team fires 30mm grenades from an AGS-30 at a Regime outpost, they succeed only in wasting ammo.

During a textbook attack on a Regime outpost in Syria, FSA fighters absolutely fail at using the AGS-30. During the ‘bombardment’ of the SAA position, a Syrian soldier actually pokes his head over the top of the roof to see where the rounds are coming from. Judging by his movement, he doesn’t really seem concerned by the tiny 30mm explosions.

The AGS-30 machine gun is a 30mm automatic grenade launcher based on the AGS-17 design. It boasts many improvements over it’s predecessor, to include being lighter in weight (30KG loaded), and having a better round ejection mechanism to lessen the recoil of the weapon system.

Waste Ammo

This KBP Instrument Design Bureau weapon system seems to be the direct answer to the MK19 heavy machine gun in use today by the United States. While it fires a significantly smaller projectile (30mm vs 40mm), it has about the same reach in regards to maximum range (2000KM GPD-30 round vs 2212KM HEDP 40mm).