Austrian Peace Keepers Being Investigated For Role In Syrian Ambush

first published on May 7, 2018 by

Austrian peace keepers are being investigated by their Minister of Defense after a video has surfaced showing a deadly ambush in Syria.

The video, which was recorded in 2012 and just recently made public on Falter, appears to show Austrian troops not warning Syrian police about an imminent ambush, of which they were aware, further down the road.

The allegations insinuate that the UN Peace Keepers watched the militants (who are being called smugglers in various news sources) emplace the ambush. Then, the Syrian special police came to the Austrian troops’ checkpoint and even had a conversation, but were not given any warning about their impending doom.

Based on the dialogue in the video, the Austrian peace keepers joked as they filmed and watched the nine policemen unsuspectingly drive into the waiting ambush. Some of the comments made in the video roughly translate to, “This is the Heaven Express” and “…soon it will go bang bang.”

Austrian Blue Helmets held this area of responsibility from 1974 until 2013, but it isn’t clear if this event was directly responsible for the end of Austria’s military obligations in the region.

The event raises questions about the UN’s involvement in the deadly ambush, but also makes one question whether the UN troops would have eliminated the murderous threat themselves had they been better armed and not been stifled by such strict rules of engagement.