Killer Commando: Australia’s Deadliest Soldier Speaks On Violence

first published on September 6, 2018 by

An outstanding video by Vice featuring Paul Cale, a founding member of the elite 2nd Commando Regiment, delves into the nature of violence based on his upbringing and personal experiences in war.


Cale sheds truth on contemporary pussified societies that ridiculously condemn things like children’s sports as being violent, which only demonstrates how far removed these societies are when it actually comes to understanding what violence is.

We are all constantly and incorrectly reminded that violence is bad, when in fact, it can serve a very necessary purpose. Cale uses the example of bullies. There have always been bullies and there always will be. However, bullying has become a huge issue in recent times because parents are not raising children to stand up for themselves. Instead, our degenerating societies are placing value on victim status.

Vice reporter: “How do you stop bullies?”

Cale: “You talk to them in a language they understand.”

If you don’t stand up to a bully… that bully will never stop. They feed on weakness. They will take from you until there is nothing left to take. However, if you stand up for yourself and fight back… You may still get your ass kicked, but that bully will now have a morbid respect for you, and will likely move on to an easier target.

The political correctness and pacification of our degrading societies does not even allow us to fight back or stand up for ourselves without being equalled to the bully, and it’s pathetic. However, allowing oneself to become victimized is applauded.

The video then shifts to university professor Kevin Foster for an equally insightful look at violence from an academic standpoint. Refreshingly, Foster has retained his sanity under the wave of irrational liberal psychosis that has infected our educational institutions.

Foster easily admits that violence certainly has its place and may be necessary at times. He then goes on to point out the obvious: Our violence isn’t working in Afghanistan, or at the very least is not effective.

He’s right. Our militaries are meant to provide a service, an that service is state sponsored violence. We are really good at it, and initially, the violence worked. We defeated the Iraqi military in a month. The Taliban were crushed within months of the Afghan invasion and could no longer operate as a conventional army.

The problem arises when our militaries are left in country to act as politicians and police forces focused on winning hearts and minds rather than tangible, strategic objectives. Conventional militaries have never fared well against insurgencies. The brutal truth is that when you fight an insurgency, you are fighting the citizenry, or at least a foe that is somewhat supported by the the locals.

This is exactly why we have developed the Security Force Assistance Brigades (SFAB) that embed with host nation military units to advise and assist. The theory is to put an Afghan face on the counter insurgency military operations to garner more support from the locals. It sounds great on paper, and a lot less Western troops are dying, but because of a plethora of cultural and geographical reasons, it’s not going to work. To support my gloomy outlook I will leave you with one word: Vietnamization.


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