Australians Kill 100 Taliban In Shah Wali Kot Offensive

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The 2nd Squadron, Special Air Service Regiment, join in the Shah Wali Kot Offensive, with Alpha Company Group, 2nd Commando Regiment.

In June of 2010 the Australian Commandos, and Special Air Service Regiment conducted a joint offensive with Afghan National Army into Shah Wali Kot. The results of this five day long slug fest were 2 wounded coalition forces, to an estimated 100 killed Taliban fighters.

On June 10, 2010, a group of Australian commandos and their Afghan National Army counter-parts began an offensive in the Shah Wali Kot district of the Kandahar province. On the second day of the offensive action it was discovered that the Taliban fighters were planning a massive counter-attack. The 2nd Commando Group was then reinforced by members of the 2nd Squadron, SASR.

As the SASR troops were inserted to begin reinforcing their commando brothers, they encountered heavy resistance. Shown in this video is the contact they received as they exited their insert craft. The fierce engagement was reported to have lasted 13 hours before it let up, and the SASR came out on top.

SASR Offensive

At the end of the five day offensive the Australian commandos, SASR, and their Afghani counter-parts came to a decisive victory. A significant blow was dealt to Taliban forces in the area as nearly 100 E-KIA were reported. Coalition forces took a total of two casualties. One Australian soldier, and one Afghan soldier were wounded.

Strong work boys.



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