Australian Troops Capture 4 Viet Cong From Hidden Tunnel

first published on August 27, 2019 by

The following video clip shows Australian troops capturing four Viet Cong insurgents from a hidden tunnel system circa 1966 – 1967.

viet cong

From the video description: A clip from a Super 8mm film donated by Juergen Raasch, taken during his service as a Lieutenant with 1 Field Regiment Royal Australian Artillery (RAA) in South Vietnam 1966 – 1967.

Lieutenant Raasch was a Forward Observer working with 6 Battalion the Royal Australia Regiment (6 RAR), when this film was taken of the capture of four Viet Cong.

The extract from the scene list compiled by Juergen Raasch relating to the clip:
Capture of four Viet Cong in hidden tunnel. Our efforts entirely. Forward Observer party decided to have lunch in a clump of bamboo which had a big hole in it that had obviously been disguised.

Looking into it, I saw an elbow trying to be somewhere else. We altered Coy HQ stood back and watched the action). Trying to flush out the enemy by small arms fire, grenades and finally red smoke ‘Our four’ Viet Cong.

Airlifting POW’s to Vung Tau. Destruction of tunnel with TNT. Checking captured equipment and weapons.