Australian Special Operations Team Raids Taliban Compound

first published on February 21, 2018 by

Helmet Cam footage taken from an Australian Special Operations team member’s helmet camera shows the dramatic, and highly kinetic raid of a Taliban compound. From start to finish, this video has a run time of about ten minutes. It shows Australian Special Operations team members conducting a kinetic raid against a Taliban position, and contains scenes of close combat that are rarely seen in videos from coalition forces in Afghanistan. This is what close combat, maximum violence, and controlled chaos looks like from true professionals in the craft of warfare.

Australian Special Operations

Controlling chaos by utilizing speed, surprise, violence of action, and muscle memory is the job of any direct action operator. Every plan is sound until it meets first contact, that’s when everything begins to fall apart. In the midst of the madness though, the greatest operators turn to their combat prowess, training, and muscle memory to keep their plans on the rails. They then ride those rails to victory in a way that only a professional warrior can. Where lesser men would buckle, a true professional soldier turns to automatic actions and utilizes communication and trust to find decisive victories time and time again.

These Australian operators are no exception to the combat prowess found in special operations communities around the world. For ten solid minutes, we can see their plans eroding, and watch them react to each new threat with precision and professionalism. If this group had been one of the many untrained, rag tag groups of rebel fighters we have been seeing in Syria for the past several years, their entire plan would have fallen apart in a matter of seconds, costing them time and lives. Instead, their reactions to every new situation is nearly perfect and conducted without an ounce of hesitation from any single member of the team. It is an outstanding example of what controlled chaos and maneuver warfare should look like.

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Take special notice of how these men operator together. Each member of the team relies on the other to do his part, and doesn’t for a second question that the man he is relying on will conduct his job to the edge of his capabilities. As the violence unfolds all around them, they continue to shoulder forward and overwhelm the enemy. The impact this has on their enemy is very apparent, as the Taliban fighters start to fold under the pressure of combat shock. They are paralyzed by fear, and their lack of training and ability in combat causes them a near immediate loss of combat effectiveness as the Australian team closes with their position to end the fight.

It is said that the fights in Afghanistan, Iraq, and even Vietnam were losses to the occupying forces. While this may be tactically true, it is a far cry from the reality of the battles fought on the ground. Almost every battle between the insurgent forces, and the professional soldiers of the first world in these countries had a decisive outcome. That outcome was almost 100% of the time a victory for the professional soldiers who would gain and maintain ground for an extended period of time. The real tragedy in these conflicts were the tactical losses caused by politicians and the lack of public support for those on-going conflicts. These experiences however, were not absorbed into these professional forces for nothing. The battlefield knowledge gained in these places will ensure that during our next large scale conflict, professional soldiers will have the tools they need to fight and win outright victories anywhere in the world.


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