Austin Serial Bomber Blows Himself Up When Confronted By SWAT

first published on March 21, 2018 by

A suspect thought to be the Austin serial bomber blew himself up early Wednesday as a SWAT team closed in on his vehicle.

The suspect, identified as Mark Anthony Conditt, 24, is thought to be responsible for the detonation of five explosives in Texas within the last three weeks that resulted in the death of two people and the wounding of five others.

Security footage recorded inside a FedEx store shows the suspect, wearing a wig and dropping off two packages. The video was reportedly taken on Sunday. One of those packages exploded prematurely in a sorting facility in Schertz and the other was tracked down and dismantled at another FedEx building near Austin.

According to investigative reporter Tony Plohetski, law enforcement agents visited local stores and searched through receipts and sales records based on the materials used to construct the explosive devices by the Austin serial bomber. Another report indicated that a unique type of batteries used in the devices allowed investigators to narrow down recent online purchases from the area.

Through that investigation they were able to identify Conditt as a prime suspect. They then obtained a search warrant which allowed them to dig into searches made from his IP address which were deemed “suspicious.”


Using cell phone tracking technology, investigators were able to triangulate the suspect’s position to a hotel 20 miles north of Austin. As authorities waited for the armored SWAT units to arrive, Conditt got in his vehicle and drove off. They followed him and he soon stopped in the ditch.

SWAT officers cautiously moved in to apprehend the subject, and that is when he detonated an explosive device. One officer was injured in the blast, while another fired at the suspect. Reports indicate that Conditt was severely wounded in the blast and it resulted in his death.

The investigation is still underway. Authorities are hoping to determine a motive and to figure out if the suspect acted alone. There is also the risk of other unexploded devices still posing a threat to unsuspecting victims.


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