Audio: British Gentlemen Shoot Down German Fighter Pilot

first published on May 19, 2018 by

A couple of British Gentlemen having a jolly good flight find themselves attacked by a German fighter pilot from the rear. For a few moments of tense chaos, it sounds as if the captain may lose control of his crew, instead he shuts them up with a single sentence and they continue to do their jobs expertly. These are there communications inside of the bomber.


It is almost laughable to think about how professional and gentlemanly senior British service members sound at almost all times. In Afghanistan, you would always know when you were dealing with the British leadership, because they would cut through on the Radio cool, calm, and collected even as rounds were flying directly overtop of their heads. Regardless of the situation that they were in, you would almost always think the guy on the other end of the radio was getting ready to order a cup of tea before going out to play a few games of cricket with the boys.

Often however, the British gentleman on the other end of the radio was calling in the artillery or airstrikes that they needed to continue their meticulous advance towards some far-off objective or preparing to fire a javelin missile up some poor Taliban motorcycle rider’s tailpipe. This is apparently not just the way it is today though, this gentlemanly like behavior seems to go back way farther than we can possibly imagine, and this audio recording from World War Two is all the proof that I need that the Brits are just gentlemanly individuals who don’t know how to cuss when a radio is involved. (Okay, we all know their favorite word begins with a c and rhymes with punt, but their radio etiquette is unmatched.)

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What you are about to listen to is the audio recording from the inside of a British Lancaster Bomber plane as it flies a mission over Germany. While the intended target of this Lancaster Bomber and her crew are unclear just from the brief minute and a half of audio that is present in this clip, we can make some assumptions that they are hitting targets somewhere near a German airfield. They are quickly intercepted by a German fighter pilot who has the intent to shoot them down and judging from the momentary breakdown in communications inside of the plane, it caught them almost completely off-guard.

Regardless of their surprise however, the crew quickly jumps into action. As heard by the sounds of the crew members moving around and communicating with each other, they assess their situation, and start trying to get the fighter into the sights of their defensive gunners. While all of the chatter is devolving into chaos, you can hear the captain of the plane come over clear as day to tell everyone to calm down so that they can figure out what is going on. Shortly after the captain manages to calm everyone, the gunner cuts through the radio and informs them that they managed to shoot down the German plane. Without skipping a beat, the captain comes through with a cool “Good show.”


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