Houthi Hit-and-Run Attacks disrupt Saudi-UAE coalition Supply Lines

first published on June 29, 2018 by

Houthi rebels in southwestern Yemen have recently released footage of multiple hit-and-run attacks on Saudi-UAE coalition supply lines during their ongoing operation to seize the crucial port city of Hodeidah. The coalition offensive along the narrow coast road has become a ferocious battle with the potential to sever one of the final logistical links between the Houthi’s and their patron Iran.

The joint Saudi-UAE coalition’s ongoing operation to seize the critical port city of Hodeidah on Yemen’s western coast from the Houthi’s has recently become largely bogged down. Fighting over the city’s airport to the south is hotly contested and has purportedly changed hands several times. The extremely narrow coastal corridor controlled by the coalition forces and leading to the city is proving highly susceptible to counterattacks and the rebels appear to have effectively disrupted coalition supply lines; destroying millions of dollars’ worth of equipment in the process.

Saudi and UAE Air Force’s have pounded the region with airstrikes and have tightened the naval blockade around the port, but ground forces have been unable to encircle and effectively lay siege to the city. The Iranian backed Houthi’s have taken advantage of this unimpeded land route, allegedly expanding their defenses and rushing men and equipment to the battle.

The video below purportedly details one of these recent attacks on or near the vulnerable coalition logistical routes. Targeting either the supply convoy’s themselves, or more likely in this case the meager rear-guard assigned to protect the routes, the rebels set in and begin harassment attacks on any passing coalition vehicles. Though the Saudi’s and UAE have a distinct advantage in military equipment and airpower, this hinderance in their supply-lines and the resulting lack of momentum likely means the Hodeidah offensive will continue to drag on for weeks to come.


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