New Attack Drone Can Be Fired From 40mm Grenade Launcher

first published on May 31, 2019 by

Australian defense technology firm DefendTex has developed a drone munition that can be fired from an M320 handheld grenade launcher, which is sure to increase the lethality of infantry troops in combat.


After being fired into the air, the Drone-40 transforms into a hovering quadcopter equipped with a camera that can be fitted with various payloads including high explosive fragmentation, smoke, fuel-air bomb, and anti-armor shaped charge.

The advanced ISR munition is said to be cost efficient and is capable of loitering for observation missions for 20 minutes, or 12 minutes of maneuvering flight time.

According to reports, the armed Drone-40 can be linked with multiple drones to carry out swarm attacks or continuous suppression missions on enemy targets.

DefendTex also claims to have developed similar drone munitions for 12 gauge shotguns and 81mm mortars. If these units are really as economical as the company claims, we are looking at an extremely practical, yet sophisticated, jump in combat multiplication at the squad level.


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