American Recon Team Assaults Taliban Position in Afghanistan

first published on September 8, 2018 by

Members of an Army infantry reconnaissance squad in Nurah Lam, Laghman Province, assault a Taliban compound in this video that shows a majority of their gunfight.

Taliban Position

An Army Infantry Recon team comes into direct contact with members of the Taliban as they patrol the mountainous terrain of in Nurah Lam, Laghman Province. The fatigued men instantly react to the contact and start to assault towards the enemy’s objective in as close to a textbook fashion as can be achieved under the circumstances they have found themselves in. Through their ability to conduct fire and maneuver, they push back the Taliban ambush team, forcing them to drop their RPGs and other vital equipment in the process.

When a lot of people view this footage, they instantly get the impression that the Soldiers are uncoordinated, and undisciplined in their assault. These arm chair quarterbacks don’t understand that these men have been patrolling for days through the mountains, probably fighting along the way, and are suffering from exhaustion. In spite of this fact however, the Soldiers identify the location of their ambushing Taliban fighters and start to suppress their position while conducting maneuver operations simultaneously.

This instant fire and maneuver gains the Soldiers the initiative in the gun fight, and allows them to decisively push the Taliban fighters out of their position and into an instant fit of retreat, which ends the gunfight decisively in the favor of the Recon Soldiers. As a result of their efforts, they accomplish the mission of any Soldier in any combat situation, which is to gain and retain ground from your enemy while putting him off balance and pushing him away from his own logistics and equipment.

Had these Soldiers succumbed to their fatigue, and lost the will to fight, this would have been an extended gun fight with neither side maneuvering against the other, and shots being exchanged ineffectively at a distance until one side decided to leave the gunfight via the quickest means of retreat. Instead, what we see here is a group of determined Soldiers instantly reacting to contact, putting accurate rounds downrange to suppress the enemy, and a hasty attack conducted by the Soldiers to defeat their enemy through close combat and maneuver. Well done.

Here is the sixteen minute long firefight as it was recorded by a member of the assaulting element. Take special note of the abandoned RPG round that was left behind by one of the Taliban fighters that was forced to retreat because of the speed at which these Soldiers were able to maneuver.


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