Russian Ambassador’s Assassin Was Turkish Special Ops Policeman

first published on December 20, 2016 by

New details of yesterday’s assassination of Russian Ambassador to Turkey, Andrey Karlov, have come to light. However, the new details, including that the assassin was a Turkish special operations policeman, only raise more questions concerning the event.

The assassin has been identified as 22-year-old Mert Altintas, who was supposedly off duty, and used his credentials to not only enter the event, but stand directly behind the now-slain Russian official as if he were working as a member of the executive security detail. Strange. In the following low-quality video, you can see Altintas staging up behind Karlov without drawing any kind of attention from the other security members, almost as if he was supposed to be there.

After firing eleven rounds, Altintas begins shouting the typical mindless jihadi Takbir, while also mentioning Russia’s involvement in retaking Aleppo from al Qaeda affiliate the Nusra Front. Yet, his words, in my opinion, sound very hollow and half-hearted, as if he doesn’t truly believe what he is saying. Regardless, Altintas ended up dead from multiple gunshot wounds shortly thereafter.


Many unconfirmed conspiracy theories have swirled regarding the event, like the accusation that the assassin was a CIA plant attempting to derail the ongoing peace talks between Turkey, Russia, and Iran concerning the battle for Aleppo and the Syrian War as a whole. None of these theories have been supported with evidence as of yet.

If the story the mainstream media is feeding us is true, and Altintas was really just a coward, murdering on behalf of al Qaeda terrorists in Aleppo, then that only supports the apparent notion that much of the Turkish government is manned by Salafi/Wahabi extreme Islamist supporters, who have no qualms about giving military aid to the worst head-chopping “moderate” psychopaths in Syria, just so long as they are killing Kurds and attempting to overthrow Assad.