“Ass-Monkeys” In Iraq: Blackwater’s Aviation Contractors

first published on January 5, 2016 by

The Blackwater Aviation unit, call-sign Ass-Monkeys, operating high above the streets of Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Operation Iraqi Freedom saw an extreme increase of civilian contractors operating in the battle-space. Many security companies sprouted up, and made their start during the early days of that war. The most famous of these contracting companies was Blackwater, owned by former Navy SEAL Eric Prince. Controversy surrounded this company at every turn, however even today they still boast a 100 percent success rate under the new name of Academi.

The below footage is a mashup video made by the Blackwater Aviation unit, call-sign Ass-Monkeys.

Every aircraft in Blackwater’s Aviation unit was 100% self-insured by Eric Prince and Blackwater. No insurance companies would touch the aircraft in an active war-zone, but Blackwater absolutely needed the aviators operating inside of Iraq. Their ability to land in tight quarters and evacuate principals, combined with the reconnaissance and resupply capabilities they brought to the company were seen as an absolute necessity.

Polish Aviators

The aviators of Blackwater proved their instrumental abilities on October 3, 2007, when the Polish Ambassador was injured in an attack. Polish security contractors were able to fend off the attackers, but they were going to have an issue evacuating their injured principal. Blackwater’s Ass-Monkeys landed one of their little birds nearby, and assisted the Polish contractors in the evacuation of their injured principal.