THIS Is Why You Don’t Fall Asleep On Guard Duty (Graphic)

first published on June 23, 2017 by

A newly formed al Qaeda affiliate operating in northern Syria has released a graphic video showing an operation in which two Syrian troops are killed at extremely close range.

The clips were taken from a longer propaganda video. The footage shows a group of the hardline Islamists sneaking into a housing structure that has clearly seen heavy fighting, which is indicated by several small arms shell casings littering the floor and charred walls from grenades.

The lead militant enters a second story room to fortuitously find two seemingly unarmed and unsuspecting pro Syria soldiers. They are instantly filled with bullet holes from just inches away.

It’s entirely possible that this event was staged for propaganda purposes. The troops may have surrendered from the previous battle that had raged in the house and were set up as props not knowing that they would be executed for video purposes… or they’re just your standard garbage Middle Eastern soldiers that fell asleep on guard duty.


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